“National security in the lens of regional security

An online interactive masterclass on “National security in the lens of regional security” is being carried out organized by LEPL Defence Institution Building School.

The objectives of the programme are to analyse three main components of the programme in the context of regional security as well as to analyse interrelationship between the ongoing actions in the regional and internationalsecurity context and the main components of the national security.

The masterclass will be lead by the Georgian experts and the following topics will be covered: The South Caucasus security environment and Georgia; Black sea security environment and Georgia (NATO and USA perspectives in the region); The main components of the national security; External policy aspects of the national security; review of economics and national security, etc.

The programme is intended for the representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia, LEPLs under control of MOD, defense forces and security sector.

The programme started on the 15th June and it will end on the 19th June.