Four Year Anniversary of Defence Institution Building School.

Four Year Anniversary of Defence Institution Building School.

Defence Institution Building School (DIBS) was established on the 28th June, 2016. DIBS is one of the most important and successful initiatives of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package.

The mission of the Defence Institution Building School (DIBS) is to foster the professional and institutional development of the Georgian Ministry of Defence; to support a common understanding of security and defence policy between the government and civil society; and contribute to further cooperation between Georgia’s wider security sector, the region and NATO Allies.

DIBS has successfully achieved the aims and tasks defined by the development strategies since it was established. It was actively supported by NATO. DIBS has organized various national and international courses for the representatives of Georgia as well as of NATO member and partner countries.

Since its foundation DIBS has conducted 205 training events for 5045 participants. The training activities have received very positive feedback from the participants and partners.

Component of distance learning is effectively integrated in the training process of the school. With the support of partners the school conducts annual distance learning national conference. It should be highlighted that during Covid19 DIBS has successfully organized online interactive courses, masterclasses, lecturers and other training activities. Overall 451 participants were actively involved in distance learning related activities in 2020 who were representatives of the ministry of defence, security sector and civil society.

Priority of the school is developing training capacity. And for that reason, training of trainers has been carried outactively. Overall 88 trainers have been retrained by the school in cooperation with the international partners over the last four years.

DIBS continues successful cooperation with the security sector as well as civil society on defence and security issues.

Deepening international cooperation (including under the umbrella of wider Black sea region) is one of the functions of the school. The school works closely with NATO and NATO Allies’ training and research institutions. DIBS has been supported by up to 20 NATO and NATO partner countries. There is a growing dynamic in the field of cooperation.

DIBS activities are always assessed positively by NATO. Its achievements are stated in the annual reports of NATO general secretary. At the NATO ministerial meeting in 2020 a decision was made regarding strengthening the role of the school in the region. The decision was made due to successful reforms implemented by the school. The school is planning further development of the training platforms, organization of thematic meetings, supporting cyber security capacity building.

The school has developed NATO compatible training cycle. For the first time in Georgia NATO has granted status “NATO Selected” to “Basic Strategic Communications Course” developed by DIBS and NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence. It is a clear sign that DIBS has been conducting trainings for Georgian and international participants in line with the NATO standards.

The school has moved to a new stage of development after obtaining NATO certification of the course. The school is ready to make an official application for NATO institutional accreditation. In case of successful accreditation NATO will recognize that training and organizational management of DIBS is compatible with its standards.