Advance Distributed Learning (ADL)

Advance Distributed Learning (ADL)

DIBS is focused on developing its ADL capacity and integrating it into the training cycle. In 2017, the school conducted its first Security Sector Orientation Programme, including 2 modules – Cyber Security orientation Course and NATO introduction Course (part 1) delivered via AN ADL platform. Hundreds of participants have chosen these online learning courses so far. 

DIBS has started a new capacity-building project in cooperation  with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence and Jefferson Institute in  the USA. The Jefferson Institute is working with us to develop three more ADL courses in 2017 including Building Integrity (BI) program and Corruption Risks Reduction Course, Gender in PSO, and MoD introduction course.

The School organized the first National ADL Conference on November 14, 2017, where all stakeholders gathered and shared experience through online learning, virtual classrooms, video lectures, simulation games, immersive training, and other learning models. This was a wonderful opportunity for participants to network, share ideas and elaborate a common approach on how to develop and promote online education, not only in defence and security but also on other important issues.

The following self-paced courses are available on the Moodle platform:

  • NATO Orientation Course
  • NATO Building Integrity Basic Course
  • Introduction to Strategic Communications
  • Information Warfare and Propaganda
  • Cyber Hygiene Course
  • Georgian Ministry of Defence Orientation Course
  • Building Integrity in Peace Keeping Operations
  • Gender Role in Peace Keeping Operations
  • Eliminating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • NATO Classified Information Security Course