Long-term Programmes

Security Sector Orientation Course    

Duration: 2 months    

Language of Instruction: Georgian, English (with translation)

Attendance Allowance: Security Sector Employee

Goal: To train/retrain participants to increase job performance and efficiency in a defence and security Sector.

Learning Objectives:

  • Defence and security sector analysis and review in wider spectrum;
  • Familiarization with current trends in the security sector at national, regional and international levels – widening the scope, looking at the whole picture
  • Security system operation particularity analysis
  • Gaining basic theoretical knowledge about Georgian defence and security systems
  • Visiting defence and security iinstitutions


  • National Security in the Context of Regional and International Security Architecture
  • Legal Basis of the National Security Architecture
  • Effective Communication
  • Cyber Security
  • Building Integrity and Reducing Corruption
  • Gender in Security Sector
  • Managing Difficult, Conflict Situations and Developing Negotiation Skills
  • NATO Orientation Course
  • Hybrid Warfare and Information Environment
  • Field Trip